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Martina Angenendt

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Martina Angenendt - Classical Guitarist

Martina Angenendt (née Gruber) showed her musical talent at an early age. She received her first guitar lessons in Ternberg (Austria) from Roswitha Leidl. In addition to her soloist training, the focus was also on chamber music training. She completed her studies with Prof. Michael Langer in Linz, Prof. Olaf van Gonnissen in Hamburg and Prof. Hans-Werner Huppertz in Cologne/Aachen. Audiences and the press attest to Martina Angenendt's „creative density” and describe her guitar playing as „expressive and precise” or „beautiful to cry about”.

Chamber Music

Angenendt Guitar Duo

Chamber music is and has always been an important part of Martina Angenendt's musical work. Even in her childhood, she often played in a wide variety of ensembles. She has been performing regularly with the tenor Marcel Oleniecki since their joint studies in Aachen. Since 2015, Martina Angenendt and her husband have formed the „Angenendt Guitar Duo”. The two made their debut as a guitar duo in Austria in 2015 and have since been welcome guests at international guitar festivals and concert series at home and abroad.

Duo Martina Angenendt Marcel Oleniecki
Duo Martina Angenendt Marcel Oleniecki


Silent moments of christmas

Together with the tenor Marcel Oleniecki, Martina Angenendt recorded the CD „Silent moments of christmas” in 2020. With their debut CD, the two wanted to capture a special concert experience as part of their numerous joint appearances in Aachen. On this CD you will find numerous classics from „Let it snow„ to „Maria durch ein Dornwald ging” to „Es wird scho glei dumpa”. As a special highlight, a new version of „El noi del mare”, one of the most famous Christmas compositions for classical guitar, will be heard. In 2023, the Aureavox label released the CD „Serenade”, which Martina Angenendt recorded together with her husband Tristan. Among other things, the CD contains the first recording of all three serenades by Ferdinando Carulli.
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Dates / Media

Vreden, 10. März
Barockkirche Zwillbrock, 16.30 Uhr
Angenendt Guitar Duo

Bonn, 01. September
ev. Trinitatiskirche Bonn, 18.00 Uhr
Angenendt Guitar Duo

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